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When One Moment Changed the Lives of These Powerball Winners

It all starts with a ticket that costs you less than a pack of juice or a can of soda. If you are ready to spend that much money every week, you too can be a part of the exciting lottery that can change your life and lifestyle. All the dreams that you have ever had and all the small and big things you have ever thought of doing can be done when you have the right amount of money. The right amount of money is  a lot of money, and that’s exactly what you can win with a Powerball lottery.

Powerball is known all around the world as one of the biggest lotteries. It is not just the citizens of the US but those living on the other side of the world too who often buy tickets to have a chance of winning the guaranteed $40 million jackpot. Today, you will get to know the winners who thought spending a few bucks a week wasn’t such a bad idea when it gave them the chance to win millions of dollars. These are some of the luckiest winners of 2018 who are living the lives of their dreams as you read about them.

Powerball Results

The Meaning of Life Changed for These Winners

The Quick Jackpot Winner

If you follow the Powerball results regularly, you must have noticed that most of the wins take place after a few rollovers. The phenomenon of players hitting the jackpots without any rollovers or only a single rollover is quite rare. However, this ticket owner was a quick jackpot winner who won the life changing $56 million after just one rollover. The exact amount of the prize was $55,900,000. When you look at the past winnings and some of the record Powerball jackpots, this amount might seem small. What’s interesting, however, is the fact that this ticket owner was the only person to win the jackpot.

Oftentimes, the jackpot is quite big but there are multiple people to claim the prize. For example, the largest Powerball jackpot in the history of US lotteries was $1.6 billion. However, there were three tickets that matched the jackpot and so the prize had to go to each winner equally. The draw that took place on March 24, 2018 had only one winner who matched these numbers with the jackpot: 33, 45, 53, 56, 10 – 24 (Powerball) with a 3x Power Play. After paying the taxes and withholdings on this amount, the winner will take home more than $32 million. Is that an amount you would refuse to accept?

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There were two people who matched five numbers without the Power Play option and they got $1 million each. That’s quite a life changing win too. Surprisingly, no one won the second prize with the Power Play option. So, there was no one to take home the $2 million prize. However, there were two players with the 3x Power Play option who managed to match the Powerball and the four regular balls. These two players received $150,000 each. Their winnings would have been much smaller had they not paid extra for the Power Play option. Furthermore, there were eight players in the main prize winning category who won the third prize and got $50,000 each. Had they used the Power Play option, they would have received three times more money than this amount.

One of the Luckiest Winners in 2018

It will not be wrong to call this particular winner one of the luckiest winners in 2018. The winner belonged to Pennsylvania and was the winner of the jackpot for the draw that took place on March 17, 2018. The expectations were already set high for Powerball winners in 2018 because the first jackpot winner in the current year walked away with a whopping $559 million on January 6. This was a single winner and they had definitely set the bar high for the rest of the year. The winner on March 17 did not disappoint at all. This amazing player took home nearly $457 million.

Again, this was the only winner, so the multi-million dollar jackpot belonged only to this person. The winning numbers on this day were 22, 57, 59, 60, 66 – 7 (Powerball) with a Power Play option of 2x. Despite all the withholdings and taxes to be paid if the winner decided to take the lump sum amount, they were still keeping a whopping $280 million. That’s a lot of money to take care of, and definitely a lot of money to live the life by your own rules. Even the people in the second prize category were lucky as there were two winners in this category with each taking home $1 million.

There was a player who trusted his/her luck a bit more than others and played the Power Play option. With the 2x Power Play in action, this player was able to take home not $1 million but $2 million. People who played the Power Play option, matched the Powerball, and the four balls received $100,000 each. There were four players in this category as well. There were quite a few players who matched the Powerball and four regular balls without the Power Play. These 39 players received $50,000, which can be quite a bit of money to buy a new car, pay off the house or just take the family to a luxurious tour to some far away island.

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Play and be the Lucky One Yourself

You don’t always have to read the stories of others winning millions. Instead, you should try to be in one of these stories by winning a few million dollars to yourself. It is not difficult at all. Buying the ticket at the store or online will not take more than a minute. Pick your numbers yourself or choose the quick pick option to let the computer pick it for you. Most importantly, you have to have a very positive attitude. If you can think positively and believe in your fortune, you could be the person appearing in the news for winning a record Powerball jackpot.

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