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The Major World Lotteries are introduced in India as online betting are made legally secure by Offshore Websites

Powerball, Mega Millions and Euro Millions who are big league players have embarked on a search for developing markets such as India, which deal with online lotteries lawfully, and present a powerful liking for games of chance and gambling.

In spite of being strictly controlled as a sector in India, subject to varied state-level regulations and legislation, betting remains a kind of entertainment that generates cash, which is very popular, from the Diwali gambling tradition which is almost religious, to bulk speculations on the outcomes of a cricket match.

Historically, the ranking of lotteries has fallen in between the two where legality and scale is concerned. Mostly, this is due to government prohibitions or limitations in some instances on physical structures and operations. The business of paper-lottery is permitted by Indian law in an overall of 12 states as well as 5 union territories. But, unlawful tickets are sold illegally elsewhere and make up around 60% of the country’s overall lottery profits.

Other than paper-ticket lotteries (permits for online lotteries are limited to the states of Punjab, Goa, and Sikkim), casinos (permits limited to Goa and Sikkim states) as well as horse-racing present the only other kinds of lawfully allowed betting in the government nowadays.

Playwin, which is the hugest lottery in India, operated by the Sikkim state government is among the few in the government to offer myPlaywin, which is an online concierge service. However, it is also limited to players who are above 18 years old and a resident of the states of Goa, Sikkim, West Bengal and Arunachal Pradesh.

Punjab Lottery which ranks third and latest lotteries (home-grown) to go online facilitates a reach that is a lot fairer that involves all the states in India where online lotteries are legal as well.

myPlayWin’s maximum jackpot sum is about USD1 mn; but, this prize is somehow small in contrast to the high number of USD jackpots provided by reputable global lotteries such as EuroMillions, Mega Millions and Powerball.

Below is a fast summary of the leading names in the business of lottery all over the world; offline and online.

  1. Powerball (USA)

Powerball describes the largest lottery in America whose minimum jackpot is USD 40 mn. The odds of becoming a winner of the real jackpot are 1:175 mn. This does not decrease its attraction as it is famous for big and frequent payouts.  To date, the hugest Powerball win is an entire USD 587 mn.

  1. Mega Millions (USA)

Mega Millions features the biggest jackpot payout in the contemporary lotteries’ history, at USD 656 mn. It provides fair winning odds of 1:40 (for all prizes). Meanwhile, the odds of winning a jackpot are a lot more difficult at 1:258 mn. There is a fixed minimum jackpot of USD12 mn.

  1. EuroMillions (EU)

Without a doubt, the hugest payouts in the history of lotto are led by the American lotteries that are older. But, EuroMillions is still the most famous lottery in the continent of Europe mostly due to its tax-free possibility and more thrilling winning odds of 1 in 116 mn. The biggest payout record is 15mn Euros (about 20mn USD).

If the magnitude of the jackpot on its own does not really determine it,   one can also think about the little-recognized element, that any inhabitant of India can lawfully take part via online ticketing partners   (third-party) such as the lottery website Lottoland (Ltd) which is based in Gibraltar, so long as the offshore site is working within the lawful organizations of its host state/country. Therefore, Indian enthusiasts of luck-by-chance currently have a genuine opportunity for increased global stakes, excluding the lawful liabilities.

Apart from this, there is difference in cost with online lottery tickets (domestic), where a player would pay around similar amount to play a lotto game on either a Lottoland or a myPlaywin. It would be extremely fascinating to see the response of the Indian lottery betting market to these international wildcard entries in future.

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