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July 2018 Winners of USA Powerball

USA Powerball lotto always gives you happy winnings if you are skilled in playing the game right. It requires considerable patience and strong mental strength to acquire the winning set of digits.  Practice option gives you an opportunity to become familiar with the game’s rules. You can track the magic of luck in each draw.

In the United States, this lotto game is among the top ones. If you are a resident of North Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania or Oregon, you will be aware of this game and the way to play it. But if you are playing USA Powerball for the first time, you need to first check the game’s rules before betting. Learning about the game is going to assist you in improving your winning prospects.

To begin betting, you need to first select five digits from 1 to 59 to create your set. Mark the numbers you choose and after this you should pick a different number from 1-39 as your power ball figure. You should mark another number but not from the numbers present in your set of five.

Lucky Fortune Cookie triggers $50,000 win on 4 July

The fortune cookie of an 18-year-old man has eventually proved to be lucky. Paul Winters, a resident of Lee’s Summit states that he utilizes ‘lucky digits’ on a fortune cookie’s back that he obtained eighteen years back when buying his ticket for Missouri Lottery Powerball weekly.

‘I needed to change my figures after the Powerball game changed some years back,’ said Winters while laughing. He said that apart from that, his numbers remained the same in the last 18 years.

According to Winters, he usually visits Hy-Vee Gas in Lee’s Summit at 1201 SW Third St. every Saturday to examine his last week’s winners’ tickets and to buy his multi-draw ticket for Powerball drawings for the following week.

‘The machine indicated ‘Claim at Lottery.’

‘I was not aware what it meant. Therefore I requested the clerk to look at it,’ remembered Winters. Winters’ Powerball ticket for the drawing on 4 July matched 4 out of the five white-ball digits as well as the Powerball figure and won a prize of $50,000. The winning numbers were 4, 7, 15, 41 and 44 and 10 was the Powerball.

‘I enquired from my wife the amount she would wish for if I ever became a Powerball winner,’ stated Winters.

Laughing, Briann his wife says that she told him she doesn’t want any money since it belonged to him.

‘After telling me that he was a winner of $50,000, I regretted saying that!’

The couple intends to commemorate the win by going for dinner and utilizing the prize of $50,000 to settle bills.

A couple from West Virginia Claims Powerball Prize of $2 Million.

Robert Thomas and Mary, his wife, were presented by Alan Larrick the Lottery Director as the latest millionaires on Monday at Lottery Headquarters. Robert bought a quick pick ticket for Powerball with the option for Power Play which matched five digits from the drawing on Wednesday, 11 July. The value of the ticket was $2 million.  Campbell’s Creek Drive, Fas Check #3 is going to get a selling bonus of 1% worth $20,000.

Mr. Thomas stated that he discovered he was a winner when he examined the ticket the following day at the Fas Check.

‘The owner of the store David Eicher attempted to assure me that I was a winner and, I was not sure whether to take his word or not,’ said Thomas.

‘After I realized that he had won, I was very grateful that I paid the additional dollar for the option of Power Play because it had a significant impact.

The winning ticket was among the country’s three that matched five digits for this specific drawing, and it was the only one to do this with the option for the Power Play which doubles the prize to $2 million from $1 million. Wednesday’s drawing’s winning numbers were 19-21-27-46-47 while 7 was the Powerball.

‘After reaching home, I informed my wife that I could not remember the reason I visited the store because they informed me that I was a winner of $2 million.’

I am going to use some of it to settle my bills to provide my wife with security. All our lives, the two of us have toiled hard, and the two of us have health problems so, this will help us now.’

The five-win match also persists in bringing good luck to Thomas. Robert was among the Lottery players of West Virginia to win a slot on the following Power Cruise of January at the beginning of this year. Thomas obtained entries for that promotion after he used the Power Play option to buy Powerball tickets and submitted them online in a sequence of second-chance drawings.

According to Thomas, playing using the Power Play is undoubtedly beneficial.

‘We have never before embarked on a trip outside West Virginia. The two of us have been hard workers all our lives and, we are truly grateful. I cracked jokes with the owner of the store (Fas Check) that if I became a winner of the cruise, I would wish for cash instead.’

‘Then this happens. I am certainly going to purchase a ticket for Mega Millions for tomorrow night and one for Wednesday’s Powerball.’

A resident of St. Paul becomes Powerball Prize Winner of $1 Million

St. Paul’s Brandon Stevenson is the newest winner of $1 million in Minnesota. The quick-pick ticket for Stevenson matched the initial five Powerball digits drawn on 11 July to win the prize of $1 million. The winning ticket was bought at The Fun Merchandise for Mike Zipper, situated in St. Paul at 61 Winifred.

The 11 July 2018 winning numbers for Powerball were 19-21-27-46-47, and 7 was the Powerball number. In Minnesota, lottery players have won $7.3 and more. Above $3.0 in lottery profits have helped Minnesota. $1.2 and more billion has assisted in restoring, preserving and safeguarding the environment of Minnesota in all the 87 counties. $1.7 billion has contributed to supporting state programs like public safety, education as well as health & human services.

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