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Have you ever heard of gambling? Yes, gambling is something which each of us know but are afraid to talk about. As we may talk about gambling and what it is it we may first know that there is no exact definition that fits in. Generally speaking, gambling is something that involves you to risk things that are valuable to you in hopes of winning something more valuable.  Gambling is common worldwide and can be easily found taking place is casinos, gas stations and even church halls. There are hundreds of sites that offer to gamble online.  Gambling has been a part of us for decades. The first casino is said to be built in the year 1638 in the country of Italy.

There are various types of gambling that are carried out all around the globe, the most common form of gambling being scratch cards and Lottery tickets. These kinds of gambling are comparatively cheap when compared with the games played at the casinos. They allow you to invest only a dollar or two on the card or ticket in hopes of earning millions of dollars in return.

A lottery is basically a form of gambling that involves you to draw the numbers for the prize. Initially, the lottery was outlawed but many countries but it was still legal in the US. Later on, the US declared it as illegal and again brought it back in 1960 as a fundraiser for government revenue. There are many forms of lotteries that you may come across. For example-

  • a fixed amount for the goods may be fixed or a fixed commodity may be fixed as per the estimations made by the owner. This form of the lottery may lead to losses if not enough number of tickets are sold.
  • There is also a provision for 50-50 Lottery where the owner promises 50% of the revenue to the winner.  Recent lotteries allow the owner to select a number on the lottery that leads to the selection of multiple winners.

What is Powerball?

Powerball is a lottery game in America. It is a game offered in the 44 states including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Us virgin lands. The games are coordinated by MUSL (Multistate lottery association) which is a nonprofit organization that works in agreement with the lotteries in the US. On an annual basis, a jackpot of about $40 million has been announced by the Powerball. The annuity is paid in about 30 installments or the winners get an option to choose a lump sum amount instead. The lump sum payment is obviously lesser than the actual amount to be paid in 30 installments because of the time value of money.  There are multiple draws taking place each week. The Powerball drawings take place at 10:59 p.m on Wednesday and Saturday every week in the US.

Initially, when the game began in 1992, it was the first game to make use of 2 drums. Having 2 drums to choose from, increase the chances of manipulation because of the high jackpot odds to choose from.  The two drum concept has been seen as the Big Game in the US. And from henceforth it has been used all along.


All about the game-


Basic game

 The basic game is the one that is played without many variations. The minimum bet for the Powerball bet is $2. For each and every game the player gets to select a total of five numbers from a set of 69 white balls and 1 number from 26 red balls present which is also known as the Powerball.  There is no problem if the number of both the balls selected are same.  There is no order for drawing the white balls.  The number is irrelevant. Players can opt for a random selection of the numbers or go for an easy pick or quick pick to select the choice numbers.

After the number selection is done, the winning number is selected making use of two ball machines. Out of the two machines- one of it contains the white ball whereas the other one contains the red power balls. So now you get to select the 5 white balls and 1 red ball from the machines. If 3 of your white balls and 1 red ball matches the number, you win.

There are 4 sets of machines i.e. a total of 8 machines are present. 2 machines are randomly selected out of these 4 sets of machines before the draw.

In 2001 a term called power play was introduced into the game.

Power play


What is a power play and Why does it come into the picture?

The power play option can be activated by the player if he chooses to pay an extra $1 for the same.  Paying this amount activates the power play option. Activating this option can lead to acquire multiple lower tier winnings i.e. you are more prone to win an amount of $50000 or less. The possibility of win increases by 5 or 10 times if the jackpot offered is under $150 million. This certainly lowers your chances of higher tier winnings which leads the players in a fix as to which option they should go for. Having a power play will certainly lead to greater chances of winning but the amount is comparatively much lesser than the amount they otherwise would have one.


How to play the game

  • You need to select 5 numbers from 1 to 69 and another from 1 to 26 and buy a ticket.
  • In order to win the jackpot, you must match all the 5 main balls plus the power ball.
  • If all of these matches, you win the jackpot which normally is of hundreds of million dollars.
  • Players also get to add the power play to their game for small fees that will increase your chances to win for all non-jackpot winnings.
  • The multiplier for the power play is drawn after the end of the main game. It offers multiplication in the third to ninth tiers of the game.


Payments and jackpots-

There are two ways in which the winner can receive their win- first, they can receive the cash prize in two installments- one from winning jurisdiction and the other is the combined funds. Second, you can also opt for receiving the whole amount in 30 yearly installments. Every annuity gives you an amount higher than what you ‘received last time by about 5% to adjust for inflation. The huge amount that is mentioned as the Jackpot prize is the one that accounts to it after yearly annuity of 30 yearly installments. The estimated jackpot is normally 32.5% of the revenue of each base play submitted by the players.  Normally one person wins in every game but if by chance there is no winner for a certain game, the jackpot is rolled over to the next game which goes on to accumulate until someone wins it. There may be a chance of having multiple winners for the game which is practically very less. But in case of a tie between multiple players, the price is equally distributed amongst them. The MUSL is liable to make all payments to the players and is also liable to all investment risks. In case there is no one who claims the jackpot, the funds are returned proportionately to the members in proportion to the amount that they paid.




It is mandatory to claim the prize in the given jurisdiction only. There is a minimum age for playing the lottery. It varies from 18-21 years depending on the country. But u should definitely be more than 18 years. Normally you get to choose your way of claiming the prize only when you have already won the prize. Except in a few places like New Jersey and Texas where you need to specify the way you wish to claim your price so that they can process your payment easily. Other than the main jackpot there can be other secondary prizes that may be available.

The Tats lotto Results Powerball have been the most awaited results for Powerball lottery. You can check the results online at any time after the results have been declared.


The Powerball fever is high among all the players every time as the prizes that are present are very high. It is more likely that you end up marrying the supermodel or become the president of your country out of the blue than winning the grand prize that is offered. The Tats lotto Results Power play are the results that people have been waiting for. The prize is everyone’s dream to achieve. Other than this there is the US Powerball which people are also looking after. Winning in the game of Powerball is all a matter of sheer luck. You may or may not win but there is certainly something that you can do to improve your winning chances. As it is all a matter of luck, these tips may or may not prove helpful but it is definitely worth a try whenever you go on to play next time. Here are the most important tips-


  • Avoiding quick-pick

    – The quick pick method is mostly applicable for number sets. Each and every number has its own set of luck which is different from the others. Each of these numbers does not have the same amount of luck and chances that you may be looking for to perceive. So every time you buy a set of numbers your odds will mostly be at their worst during the game. Hence it is advisable not to go for a quick pick.

  • Using the entire board

    Generally people choose the birthdays of their loved ones to fill up the numbers as they consider them lucky and the numbers bring them a lot of joy. You may love your family members a lot but while playing the Powerball you should select from the wide range if numbers from 1 to 69 and not restrict to numbers from 1 to 31. Spreading your choices increases your winning chances my multiple times and odds are to work in your favor.

  • Instincts

    – Although the game is a sheer matter of luck, you should always stick with your instincts and choose wisely. As said it is not the individual numbers but the complete set of numbers that will fetch you the prize. When playing multiple cards you should have some variety in a grouping of numbers. This will maximize your odds and you will have a better chance to win.

  • Get to know about the past and future draws

    Consistency works great. If you are consistently participating in the same lottery. You can get to know the patterns with your experience and hence the odds will be in your favor and you may end up grabbing that price for yourself.

  • Control yourself

    – In the want of winning that millions of dollars which can change your life completely, you should also consider the situation in which you may land up if you don’t win at all. So spending rigorously on lottery and Powerball will leave you nowhere and you will lose all that you have saved for specific purposes. Indulge in a way that you can actually afford to and not more than that. Do not get high on the lottery fever as it is a trap which can ruin you completely. Spend that you can and it should in no way harm your pocket.



Gambling in small amounts hurts none. Since it is not illegal, you can go for gambling to try your luck to win a fair amount for yourself but it is advisable to consider all the factors and aspects of your life looking for the pros and cons of your deeds. Getting a huge jackpot is less likely but if you get too involved you may end up broke. You need to control your wants and spend in limits when it comes to gambling of any form.






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