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TOP 20 USA Powerball Winners and Record Jackpots in History

The Biggest Jackpots

The top 20 US Powerball jackpot wins together are worth over $10 Billion , that is ten thousand million dollars, given out to 20 lucky players over the years, do you want to join this list?

We sure do…

In it To Win It

The fact is that you have to be in it to win it, and even if you don’t believe that you can ever win such a jackpot, the reality is that these 20 players maybe DID BELIEVE that they could win it, and that is exactly why they bought a ticket.

Even if they were all surprised to be the winners of such big jackpots, deep inside they had a hope of winning and making their wildest dreams come true.


Once every few weeks we hear about a huge jackpot win, in the list below you can get educated about the biggest jackpot wins in Powerball history, ranked from biggest win ever first in the list and including size of the Jackpot, cash value, winning tickets for the draw, prize per ticket and date of the win.

The Table Below Shows You the Winning Results of The TOP 20 Biggest USA Powerball Wins In History:

Rank Jackpot  Cash valueWinning Tickets  Per ticket GameDate 
 1$1,586.4 Million $983.5 Million 3$327.8 Million Powerball January 13, 2016
 2$758.7 Million $480.5 Million1$480.5 MillionPowerball August 23, 2017
 3$590.5 Million$370.9 Million1$370.9 MillionPowerball May 18, 2013
 4$587.5 Million$384.7 Million2$192.4 MillionPowerball November 28, 2012
 5$564.1 Million$381.1 Million3$127.0 MillionPowerball February 11, 2015
 6$487 Million$341.7 Million1$341.7 MillionPowerball July 30, 2016
 7$448.4 Million$258.2 Million3$86.1 MillionPowerball August 7, 2013
 8$447.8 Million$279.1 Million1$279.1 MillionPowerball June 10, 2017
 9$435.3 Million$263.4 Million1$263.4 MillionPowerball February 22, 2017
 10$429.6 Million$284.1 Million1$284.1 MillionPowerball May 7, 2016
 11$425.3 Million$242.2 Million1$242.2 MillionPowerball February 19, 2014
 12$420.9 Million$254.6 Million1$254.6 MillionPowerballNovember 26, 2016
 13$399.4 Million$223.3 Million1$223.3 MillionPowerball September 18, 2013
 14$365 Million$177.3 Million 1$177.3 MillionPowerball February 18, 2006
 15$340 Million$164.4 Million1$164.4 MillionPowerball October 19, 2005
 16$338.3 Million$211.0 Mllion1$211.0 MillionPowerball March 23, 2013
 17$337 Million$224.7 Million1$224.7 MillionPowerball August 15, 2012
 18$336.4 Million$210.0 Million1$210.0 MillionPowerball February 11, 2012
 19$314.9 Million$170.5 Million1$170.5 MillionPowerball December 25, 2002
 20$314.3 Million$146.0 Million1$146.0 MillionPowerball August 25, 2007


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