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The Discounted Tickets for Mega Millions $1.6 Billion Jackpot Now Available on Lottosend

For the past few draws, people had some great expectations with the MegaMillions jackpot. However, the jackpot has rolled over several times to go way beyond their expectations. It is now a mammoth that’s worth $1.6 billion. In the history of lotteries in the US, there has not been a jackpot as big as that. Before this jackpot became as huge as it is now, the record belonged to Powerball. It was a $1.586 billion jackpot and there were multiple winners who took home equal chunks of the jackpot home in the month of January.

Now that the jackpot has become so big, the next thought on people’s mind is whether there is going to be a single winner or multiple winners. In either case, there is a lot of money for the winner(s) to take care of. Of course, the excitement for participation is as high in the people living outside the US as it is in those living inside. On this special occasion, Lottosend is going to make things even more special for those who choose to take part in the lottery using its platform. Here are the big discounts for those with big dreams.

Discounted Tickets for Lottosend Players

New Players First Deposits

The first and foremost is the deposit bonus for the new players. In most cases, the lottery companies don’t have any discounts and promotions for their players. They are only serving as a bridge for the players to buy the tickets for a lottery. Lottosend does things differently and offers this amazing discount to its new players for making their first deposits. Depending on the first amount that new players deposit, the company gives a specific credit back into the account. For instance, the deposit of $50 from the player will earn him/her an additional credit of $30, which will make their account balance $80.

The good thing is that players have different bonuses available to them based on their deposits. So, even those who make a small deposit of just $25, there is a bonus of $20 available.

New Players Cashbacks

Now that the MegaMillions jackpot has touched the unbelievable $1.6 billion mark, it only makes sense to take all the measures that one can take to increase the chances of winning. The simplest and yet most effective way of boosting a person’s chances of winning the jackpot prize is by buying more tickets. It is not very easy to buy multiple tickets because one has to spend money for that. With the cashback offer for new players, Lottosend makes the first purchase a breeze for everyone. Undoubtedly, the current size of the jackpot is going to attract a lot of first timers as well, and the cashback offer is for them.

As soon as these new players buy the tickets, their spent dollars are sent back to their account with 100% cashback offer. So a person thinking of spending $25 to buy more tickets to get more entries into the upcoming MegaMillions draw will get the $25 back as soon as they spend that money. So, they can go ahead and buy more tickets to have even more chances of getting that jackpot moved to their account.

All Players Big Deposit Bonuses

It is not just the new players who have the right to win the biggest ever lottery jackpot. In fact, those who have been with Lottosend for some time can also enjoy some amazing bonuses. The big deposits into the Lottosend account can earn participants with big bonuses as well. For example, a person who funds his/her account with $150 will get an additional bonus of $30. Eventually, this person will have $180 to buy more and more tickets of the upcoming MegaMillions draw. What’s even more amazing is that a person who deposits even more will get an even bigger bonus. A deposit of $200 will earn the account holder a bonus of $50.

Social Media Shares and Multi-draw Entries

The list of ways to get discounted tickets from Lottosend does not end here. There are many other ways to get more discounts. The company is giving a free share to those who are willing to share the news about the company on social media. In addition to that, there is the multi-draw entry option. This option allows people to take part in upcoming lottery draws in advance. For instance, with one ticket purchase, the player can take part in many draws to come in future. Lottosend rewards it players with discounts on their multi-draw ticket purchases as well.

Choosing the Right Numbers for the Jackpot

This is the perfect time for people who are feeling lucky to invest a few dollars into buying MegaMillions tickets and get a chance of changing their lives forever. However, care and wise decision making are still important for anyone who really wants to take a shot at this huge jackpot. While quick pick is a great option to pick numbers quickly, some people pick their numbers on their own. For those people, it is highly recommended that they check the past results to know the best and the worst numbers to pick on their play slips. In fact, they can even use the online number generators. These online tools use algorithms to sift through the most frequently appearing numbers and giving random combinations consisting of the numbers that are most likely to appear in the upcoming draws.

The journey for international players who are interested in taking part in MegaMillions before the next draw takes place on the coming Tuesday starts with the right lottery platform. Lottosend provides that exact safe, secure, and user-friendly platform that makes lottery participation for international players a breeze. Most importantly, now is the time for people to buy as many tickets as they can because even the big jackpots don’t get as big as the current MegaMillions jackpot very often. It is a rare occasion and the same might not happen for many months or years.

Sign up and get your Mega Millions tickets here.

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