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The Extraordinary Powerball Jackpot Winners of 2018

Powerball remains one of the biggest lotteries of the world in terms of the size of the jackpot. One has to keep in mind that it operates all over the US except six states and that’s why the prize money is bigger than most other lotteries of the world. The rollover nature of the lottery gives punters the returns of multiple million dollars on their investments of less than $10. It is the most famous lottery in the US and allows many different ways for participants to win big even if they don’t hit the jackpot.

People who are able to win the jackpot are nothing less than the luckiest people of the planet. That’s because they can completely change their lives for good. With the Powerball jackpot, they have enough money to buy multiple homes, start their business, help their loved ones, donate to charities, and so much more than that. Of course, a prize that huge can make people go mentally numb when they find out about their jackpot wins. And that’s exactly what the winners of Powerball jackpots experience after finding out the lottery outcomes. Here are the best stories of big Powerball jackpot winners in 2018.

The Big Powerball Jackpot Winners of 2018

The Man Who Only Better to Win Big

One of the biggest Powerball winners of 2018 was Nandlall Mangal. This Powerball draw took place on August 11, 2018. The winning numbers that day were 5-43-56-62-68 + 24 (Powerball). Since the jackpot had been rolling over for some time, it was a huge win of $245.6 million.

Every Powerball winner has a unique story and they are always very unique personalities as well. Nandlall Mangal was no exception as when he talked about himself and the lottery win, it was clear that he was a special person. Nandlall said that he never took part in Powerball lottery unless it had rolled over for some time and become big enough to gain his attention. He said the only time Powerball won his trust was whenever it crossed the $100 million mark.

That’s exactly what had happened this time when he was inside a store. He knew the jackpot had been going big for some time and had crossed the $100 million mark already. Nandlall said that he was at a grocery store and in his mind, he was thinking about the lottery. From the news, he already knew how big the jackpot had become. While doing the shopping, he finally decided that he was going to purchase the tickets. Little did he know that he was about to buy the tickets that were going to change his life forever.

Nandlall had not even planned to purchase the ticket beforehand, but his sudden purchase was lucky for him. He purchased the tickets for which the drawing was going to be held the same night. He spent $6 on the ticket and without giving too much thought to what numbers he should select, he went for the quick pick option. These randomly picked numbers were going to put his life in order and change the arrangements completely.

After purchasing the ticket, Nandlall left it at his kitchen table for a few days because he was not in town during all this time. However, the ticket welcomed him home with a jackpot of $245 million. He chose the trust path to claim his winnings. Just like most other jackpot winners, Nandlall went for the lump sum collection of the amount. After all the deductions and withholdings, the total amount that went to Nandlall was only fractionally shy of $100 million.

Nandlall was shocked at his victory and the first thing he was going to do with the money was travel and relax at some remote destination. He has become one of the biggest New York winners of the Powerball lottery with this jackpot. The store from where he purchased the lucky ticket was Shop & Shop.

The Winner Who Wanted to Claim Only $600

June 20 was the most memorable and life-changing day for Steven Nickell who won the jackpot of more than $150 million for matching the winning numbers: 4-14-23-27-56 + 13(Powerball). This time, the Powerball Jackpot decided to go to the man from Salem.

Circle K is the store from where Steven purchased the ticket that was going to turn his life upside down. According to the winner, he is habitual of buying the tickets and checking them while having his lunch or right after it. Once again, he finished his burger and started looking at the ticket to see if he had won something this time.

To his surprise, he had won $600. He went to the clerk to claim the amount and was informed that any amount “bigger” than $600 could only be claimed at the office of the lottery. In his mind, he was planning on surprising his wife with something at the upcoming 4th of July. The man had no idea what he was holding in his hands. While making plans to spend his $600, he went to the home and put the ticket down.

Only a few moments before his wife’s arrival at home did he get up to check the ticket. That’s when he found out he had not won $600. Instead, the prize was a huge $150 million. The discovery of him winning the jackpot was so overwhelming that Steven could not stop himself from shaking like a leaf.

When he broke the news to his wife and their happiness settled down. They were ready to go at it professionally. The first things they did were hiring the right professionals i.e. a lawyer and a financial planner. One unique thing about Steven is that somewhere in his heart he was feeling some kind of guilt. The guilt was of winning because it was him not someone else whose lives changed. However, he convinced himself that he deserved the win and the prize money.

Steven could not have been happier and he has already planned that he will use the money to secure the future of his family. He is also of the opinion that he wants to protect the money like a professional. Not take any silly decisions to waste it all. It was in 1984 when Oregon Lottery came into being. Since then, Steven happens to be the third largest winner of the state.

The Man Who Did Not Listen to His Son

Had Tayeb Souami listened to his son and quit buying Powerball tickets. He would not have won one of the biggest Powerball jackpots of 2018. It was a May 19 draw that won Tayeb a whopping $315 million. The winning numbers with an x3 Power Play were 03-06-09-17-56 + 25(Powerball). It was the luckiest day for the dad who was the only person to claim this huge Powerball jackpot.

The ticket that was purchased at a Hackensack store called Shoprite, has an interesting story behind it. Tayeb Souami has not lost hope for more than two decades and has been buying Powerball tickets continuously all this time. As per him, his son had been criticizing him big time for wasting his money. His son was always of the view that he was never going to hit the jackpot. However, nature had decided to give Tayeb the opportunity to prove his son wrong and his perseverance right.

Since Tayeb had never won anything big, he was not very eager to check the ticket at the time of the draw. He had the ticket with him which he had planned to check only the next day. It was a Sunday when he was passing by a store that sold lotteries that he thought of checking the results. He handed over the ticket to a female retailer. The retailer checked the ticket and her face was full of shock and amazement. She told Tayeb about a big win. Out of curiosity, Tayeb asked her how big was big to which the clerk said, “very big”.

As a result of this interesting dialogue between the two, Tayeb knew he had won something that was nothing less than $50,000. The validation slip came to the winner and that’s when he could not believe what he was seeing. The word “jackpot” was shocking for him and his mind had stopped computing for a few minutes. The news made him so excited, nervous and perplexed at the same time that he could not even make sense of the form on which he was supposed to claim his prize. He discarded three forms before he finally filled it with the right information.

The good news is that not just Taybe but the retailer that sold the ticket was also awarded a big prize. The retailer received $30,000 for selling the big ticket. However, the store owners are very generous and they plan to donate that money for various noble causes. It was their way of returning the favors of the community.

After all the taxes have been taken out of the jackpot money, the amount will still be a huge $183 million for Tayeb. It is time for him to tell his son that “dad’s dad and he knows the best”.

The Winning Couple Who Really Needs It

While every winner is deserving of the money and needs it for a lot of reasons, this winning couple of the $59 million jackpot was one of the most deserving according to their attorney. The drawing for the jackpot had taken place on March 24, 2018, and the winning numbers were 10-33-45-53-56 + 24(Powerball). There were a three times Power Play on this drawing.

It was Russell J. Stutes Jr. who received the prize money while representing The Moose Family Trust. Creating a trust to receive the lottery jackpot is a way for winners to keep their names and identities secret.

The jackpot had gone to Acadiana this time. The couple who won the jackpot is already in their later years because both the partners have retired already. They wish to receive the money as a lump sum amount because they will be using it to help not only themselves but their children as well. The total prize money that will be deposited into their bank account will be a little over $33 million because of the necessary tax deductions and withholdings. Louisiana has been lucky for the 17th time since 1995 after the winning of this couple.

According to the attorney representing the family, the couple is one of the people who really needed that money and there could not have been a better time for them to win this money. He said that the family did not want to spend the money in luxuries but the couple was rather looking forward to buying multiple homes. These homes, according to the couple, will be for their children so they can live better lives. The couple also wishes to be relocated to a place where they can meet their grandchildren and children with ease.

The Lafayette store, namely Tigers Touch Down 2 also got $25,000 for being the place that issued the lucky ticket to the deserving family. It seems that Louisiana is the lucky state in 2018. Two of the 2018 Powerball jackpots have already gone to the state.

Moving Forward

Lotteries require the players to be as patient as the iceberg. In many cases, people are buying tickets for several years before they hit the jackpot. The two factors that keep people participating in Powerball and other lotteries are hope and affordability. Once you have associated your expectations of winning millions, it is difficult to kill them. Secondly, the lottery tickets are not expensive at all so buying a couple of them every week does not really make a huge difference for most players. The amazing stories of the winners are there to inspire others to not only take part in the lottery. But also think positively in their lives because positivity of the mind brings positive results.

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