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Minnesota Lottery Results, Jackpot and Prizes – Buy Minnesota Lottery Tickets Online

Minnesota Lottery Results, Jackpot and Prizes – Buy Minnesota Lottery Tickets Online

How to Play Minnesota Lottery Online

Buying Minnesota Lottery Tickets Online

The Minnesota Lottery

The official lottery of Minnesota is the Minnesota Lottery, which was established in 1988 through a successful voter referendum. Every time people participate in the lottery, they actually give back to the state itself as for every $1 spent on lottery tickets, 25 cents go to Minnesota. Over the years, the lottery has managed to raise over $2.6 billion and this number continues to rise every day. The Lottery revenue is given to the General Fund and the Minnesota environment. More than half the money that has been obtained from ticket sales has been put in the General Fund for supporting services such as K-12 education, public safety, aid to local governments and healthcare.

The remaining revenue, which is more than $1 billion, has been used to help the environment through different funds including the Natural Resources Fund, the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund and the Game and Fish Fund. The headquarters of the Minnesota lottery are in Roseville.

Minnesota Lottery
Minnesota Lottery

Knowing the Minnesota Lottery Rules

In order to participate in the Minnesota Lottery, you have to be at least 18 years of age. Other than that, you need to buy tickets from a lottery retailer and at the price that has been set by the state. Lottery tickets can be given as gifts, but not to someone who is not 18 years old. Employees of the Lottery office or those related to any people associated with the Lottery office are not eligible for participation in the Minnesota Lottery.

As far as claiming prizes is concerned, you need to claim them within one year of announcement. They can be received from any of the lottery offices like the one in Virginia, Detroit Lakes, Marshall or Owatonna, but for a prize that’s higher than $50,000, you have to go to the headquarters in Roseville.

Guide for Playing the Minnesota Lottery

There are different kinds of games you can enjoy in the Minnesota Lottery including in-house draw games, scratch games and multi-jurisdictional games. How to play them? Use the following tips:

  • Daily 3 is a numbers-style three digit game that’s drawn daily. The options, prizes and prices vary.
  • Gopher 5 involves selection of five numbers and has draws thrice a week and numbers are drawn from 1 to 47.
  • Northstar Cash is also drawn daily and numbers have to be chosen from 1 to 31.
  • Lucky for Life is played in 23 states and five numbers have to be chosen from 1 to 48 and a sixth number between 1 and 18.
  • Hot Lotto is also a multi-jurisdictional game with draws twice a week. Five numbers are drawn between 1 and 47 and the sixth is chosen from 19 numbers.
  • Powerball and Mega Millions are also played, with the latter having the multiplier option called the ‘Megaplier’ that multiplies your jackpot prizes.
  • There are various scratch games offered and they all have different prices, themes and prize values.

How can I Win the Minnesota Lottery?

You participate in the lottery because you want to win, but you have to improve your odds in order to make it happen. Playing regularly does increase your chance to win, but it also means spending more money. You can stick to your guns and play your lucky numbers, which are usually birthdays. For selecting numbers over 31, you can use Quick Picks. Also, check the numbers that are drawn frequently and be sure to include that for getting a match. You can still take home a prize even if you don’t match all numbers.

Minnesota Lottery Payouts

The payouts of the Minnesota lottery can vary, depending on the game you choose to play and the numbers you draw. With games like Powerball and Mega Millions, the jackpots are as high as $15 million and can go higher due to the multiplier option offered. As for Lucky for Life, winners are able to get prizes ranging from $1 to $1000 daily, every day throughout your life. For games such as Hot Lotto, the jackpots begin at $1,000,000 and if there is a rollover, they are increased by $50,000.

Second Tier Prizes

The jackpots and prizes for the in-house draw games are not as huge as the others, but are still substantial. For Gopher 5, the jackpots start at $100,000 and keep on increasing until they are won. For games like the Northstar Cash, the jackpots begin at $25,000 and prizes won through Daily 3 can vary.

History of the Minnesota Lottery

After several years of debate regarding the creation of a state lottery in Minnesota, the issue was finally placed before the voters in 1988, which was approved on November 8th by a 58 percent majority. The law enacted in 1989 made the Minnesota Lottery a state agency, but it was given a considerable autonomy. The funds were established outside of the treasury and the Lottery director was kept insulated from the politics. Tickets were sold from April 1990 with just instant games initially and online games were added in August. In 1991 and 1992, Gopher 5 and Powerball were introduced respectively.

Buy Minnesota Lottery Tickets Online

Unfortunately, it is not possible to play the Minnesota Lottery online as the sale of tickets was banned by the Minnesota State Legislature. As of August 31, 2015, the law has banned all online and even ATM and pump sales of Minnesota lottery tickets.

Online Minnesota Lottery Syndicate

We have all heard about a group of winners taking home the jackpot. How does this happen? They form a lottery syndicate for improving their chances to win. You can talk to your friends, colleagues or family about participating in the Minnesota lottery. All the participants pool in their money to buy a large number of tickets. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning. However, it is essential to remember that in case a ticket wins, the prize also has to be divided amongst the syndicate members. Forming a syndicate can definitely help your chances of winning the Minnesota Lottery.

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