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Man From Rhode Island Wins $150 Million Powerball Jackpot

The Powerball is one of the biggest lottery games in the world and is conducted in the United States. It has gained popularity worldwide due to its massive jackpots, which have the power of changing your life completely. As a matter of fact, there have been tons of winners who have won massive prizes through the USA Powerball and have changed their lives. Who doesn’t want that?

However, since the jackpot reaches such heights, it is also a fact that the Powerball has really tough odds of winning. Therefore, if you do manage to win, it is definitely a stroke of luck.

Matt Ryan also believed the same until his life turned around. The Rhode Island resident was facing some of the worst times in his life in November 2017. He had lost his job due to downsizing, had gone through a divorce and his house was falling apart around him. It was in dire need of repairs, just like his life and he didn’t have much of his savings left to get him through for long. He was doing some odd jobs for his neighbors to keep making some money, but it wasn’t enough for him to be able to keep his house.

He was getting quite desperate and really didn’t know what to do. One night, he was watching the television when the Powerball draw came on and that gave him the idea. He decided to try his luck and that’s exactly what he did for the next few weeks. However, it didn’t seem to be working as he had to face disappointment every time the numbers were announced. It didn’t seem to be doing him any good, but he was persistent, mostly because he had no other option. He thought it was a problem with his numbers so he decided to try out some different strategies.

Matt read over some of the tips that previous winners had provided and decided to stop using his birthday and lucky numbers for playing in the draw. Instead, he went over some of the past Powerball draw results to check the statistics and see what numbers had the highest chances of being drawn. That didn’t work either so he tried a combination of high and low numbers. Again, unsuccessful. Then he decided to play whatever numbers that came to his mind when he was buying a ticket.

A couple of months later, Matt decided to try a random number generator to get a number combination he could play. Unlike other times, he hadn’t been able to watch the Powerball draw this time because he had been out running an errand for a neighbor. He forgot completely about it and it wasn’t until the next day when he was emptying his wallet that he found the ticket. He decided to check the results to see if this trick had worked and to his utter surprise, he found that he had indeed won $150 million.

Matt was instantly thrilled because he didn’t have enough money in his pocket to think about buying tickets in the future. Plus, it was all the money he needed to get his life back on track. It was the reason why he had started playing the lottery so he was pleased that it had worked. But, he didn’t want to share the news with anyone right away. He wanted to make up his mind about what to do first so he decided not to claim the prize right away. Matt sat down and outlined a plan. He decided he wanted to fix his house first and pay all the bills.

Since he didn’t have a job, but had some experience in the real estate industry, he decided to set up his own businesses instead of looking for a job. But, he also thought it was a good idea for him to invest some of his winnings for the purpose of diversification. In this way, if his business didn’t survive, he wouldn’t be left with no money like before and would be able to get by with ease. After all, everyone wants a secure financial future and that’s exactly what Matt wanted as well.

Since he didn’t have enough money to hire a financial advisor right away, he went online and did some research on his options. Once he had an idea, he decided to go ahead and claim his prize. He opted to get the lump sum option, even though he knew that a lot of tax would be applicable and chose to forgo the annuity option. He still couldn’t believe it when he got the check for his prize and that’s when he hired a lawyer and financial planner. He took all the necessary steps for securing his money because he didn’t want to be one of those winners who just blew it all away.

One of the best things for Matt was that he had played completely random numbers, which meant that he didn’t have to share the prize with anyone. His numbers were totally unique and no other players had chosen the same numbers so the prize didn’t have to be split. Matt was really pleased with the fact that he had chosen to play and he decided to continue the habit of buying Powerball tickets regularly. Who knows? He just might win again and go crazy this time.

This is just one of the lucky Powerball jackpot winners out there. The beauty of the Powerball is that it has helped in making thousands of people millionaires since its launch. You have to be really careful in choosing the numbers because the odds are really tough, but the good thing is that the tickets are really cheap so you can improve your odds by buying a bunch of tickets with different numbers.

What are you waiting for? All you have to do is go to the nearest store or shop for your tickets online and participate in the next Powerball draw that can change your life.

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