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Lottery Wins and How They Change People Lives

Lottery games are one of the most famous in the world. Companies like Powerball and Mega Millions spend millions of dollars marketing their events all around the year. Weekly bumper prize in these lottery games can go up to millions of dollars. This form of public entertainment is a great way for people to have enjoyable discussions at a dinner table or while having drinks at the bar. Results that are announced over the weekend, especially on Saturdays are quite famous among the crowd.

The nation has made history in jackpot prizes, especially in the last few years. The highest bumper prize ever distributed in Australian lottery was $100 Million. An amount this large can easily change a person’s life provided they know the right way to spend or invest their huge earnings. Therefore, when you are buying your next lottery ticket, it is always better to have a game plan in your mind about what you will do in case you win a division A prize money.

What people usually do with their lottery win?

Winners who win a lottery are in a state of shock in the beginning. It usually takes them a few days before they actually realize that they are much richer than they were before. Some of the few things that lottery winners do after winning a lottery include:

Plan a vacation

To celebrate their new earnings, lottery winners usually book for themselves quite expensive tickets to their dream destinations. They want to travel with their loved ones on business class tickets or travel on cruise ships to have a really good time with friends and family. The smart winners usually set a budget for themselves before they head on to their dream destination. They would do all they wanted to for a long time on their dream vacation, but would always have an upper limit so that they can spend or invest the rest on other things.

Buy a new house

Amongst the first few things that jackpot prize winners do is to buy a luxury home for themselves. This helps them upgrade their lifestyle and also keep themselves away from all the unwanted publicity. Buying a new house or even a mansion is a great way to preserve your lottery win as the real estate almost provides a better if not equal return on your investment.

Pay-off debts

Winning a lottery is a great way to pay-off one’s debts. Jackpot prize winners usually spend some of their earnings in paying off their debts like credit card bills, student loans, and mortgage. This is a great method of reducing their monthly interest expenses and preserve their over all wealth. However, the more you publicize your lottery win, the more calls you may receive from friends and family about how much debt you owe them.

Start a new business

A jackpot prize win is once in a life time opportunity to start something of your own. Lottery winners usually invest a significant amount of their winnings to initiate or build up their own businesses. A carpenter who wins a significant amount in a lottery game can use it to buy his/her own shop and become sole proprietor of his/her own business.

Stories of lottery winners

Lottery win is a great test of patience and nerves. Some lucky winners end up spending nearly all their newly found wealth in the next twelve months, while others have complained that they lost many of their friends because they could not relate to them anymore. Therefore, the next few financial decisions that you make define where you will end up in the long run with the jackpot prize.

Australia is a fun-loving nation where people like to get involved in sports and other public events. Lottery tickets during special seasons like Christmas and New Year are sold in thousands and in every part of the country. People keep a close eye on the bumper prize as the winning amount increases every passing day. The store that sells the winning ticket gains instant popularity amongst the locals and sells even more tickets the next season.

Twice a week winner

A lucky winner in Australia recently won a million dollars in a single week in New South Wales. The lucky winner did not have any idea as to how he did it. Experts say that the chances of a player winning the bumper prize two times in one week have never been predicted as this scenario has been virtually non-existent up till now. When asked what he will do with the recent gains, the lucky winner suggested that he is looking at some real estate options in Sydney, and the process of buying a new car for himself. Like many other lottery winners, he is also planning a luxury vacation in Honolulu.

Man, who came back to life and win the jackpot

For Bill Morgan, it was just another day on the road driving his truck on the Australian highway where he met a life-threatening accident. Although he survived the incident, some of the strong antibiotics that were being administered on to him triggered an allergic reaction in his body which stopped his heart from beating for nearly 14 minutes. Although doctors were able to get it going once again, Bill went into a coma due to this incident.

After 12 days he miraculously woke up without any signs of a brain injury. Feeling himself to be very fortunate, he bought a lottery ticket to try his luck further. To his surprise, he won a $17,000 bumper prize. During this time bill was getting a lot of press coverage, and one of the reporters asked him to scratch another ticket just for the camera. Amazingly, he won another prize worth quarter of a million dollars. Talk about pure luck!

Winning the lottery after 6 months of result announcement

One of the famous lottery games in Australia known as the Powerball lottery recently announced its lucky draw with a $55 Million prize money. Unfortunately, organizers did not receive a claim for nearly six months after the draw. During this time many apparent winners came up front telling stories about how their dog ate the winning ticket or the how they forgot the lucky ticket in their sold car. Finally, the original winner appeared and took the prize money just in time.

Australian lottery draws have some of the highest odds anywhere in the world. People who win an Australian lottery need to find useful ways to invest and preserve their wealth so that they can maintain their financial health even after retirement.

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