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Know The Reasons Behind Powerball Jackpot Winning Odds

USA Powerball lottery offers the jackpot that has attained the second-largest place, and it is an act which will stay in the history. The amount it has made is $700 million. For the last two months, there was absolutely no winning jackpot in spite of having a draw twice during every week for the previous eight weeks.

The odds are turning out to be very hard to win, including the changes that happened recently has made it much less possible to get another big winner in the near future.

Statistics and Analysis About Powerball

In the Washington Post, it is stated that it has become one out of 292 million is the possibility of the odds as early it was 1 out of 175 million. This number which was in existence two years before had more chances of winning USA Powerball lottery. This trend has put forth more challenges in the entire Powerball jackpot winning.

The reason behind this change in the number from 1/175 to 1/292 million is because of the difference in the number of balls with a rise of ten more. This means it has changed to 69 from 59. The white balls have increased to 69, which was previously 59.

Powerball Details

Every player is expected to select five numbers to play. Most people choose numbers which they think will make them win. And these lucky numbers cannot be anything new other than their birthdays or any important dates in their lives. Since the probability of picking the correct number has become difficult when compared to the past, the chances of winning Powerball will come down. But, the demand for jackpot will grow.

Media that is creating hype in the minds of the jackpot enthusiast will further improve the demand and thus winning will become harder than before.

On the other hand, when the players lose, then the state wins more revenue. As, it is seen evidently that more chasers will be ready to play aiming to win the big payout. For lesser winning, then the collection will grow better than before.

This information is backed by a press report that mentions, one of the studies found that the sales of the lottery ticket rose to 80 billion dollars in one the single year 2016. This data was monitored continuously for three consecutive years namely 2014, 2015, and 2016.


From the very reason, you see that the increase in ten balls has moved the winning chance from one in 100 and 75 to one in two hundred and ninety-two million. The range is becoming more comprehensive day by day leading to harder in winning. But, that is fascinating more lottery lovers to invest on the ticket and try their luck for a great payout. Yes, winning a big payout is a thrilling experience. Since, the craze is more among players earning chances are coming down. Still, this scenario is adding more revenue to the state.

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