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June 2018 Winners of USA Powerball

June 21, 2018

Winner of $100,000 from Knoxville is an early bird.

Today Mark Davis arrived early at the Tennessee lottery’s claim office in Knoxville to pick the prize of $100,000 that he won the previous night playing Powerball. The plumber from Knoxville was one of the couple of lucky Tennessee winners who earned  $100,000 each when they matched four out of the five white ball digits drawn as well as the red Powerball.

When those numbers are matched the prize is $50,000; however as every player included the Powerball Power Play for one more dollar, the multiplier number multiplied the prize drawn last night (two).

According to Mark, he intends to pay bills and go on enjoying fishing and kayaking which are his hobbies.

A Man from Kansas City wins $50,000

June 20, 2018

Every week Billy Eades purchases six Powerball tickets; three for the drawing on Wednesday night and three for the drawing on Saturday night. On 2 June, the practice of $12 each week led to the retiree obtaining a payout of $50,000 after he matched four of the five white-ball digits together with the Powerball digit draw.

Eades bought the winning ticket in North Kansas City at QuikTrip, 1010 Armour Rd. ‘I visited another QuickTrip and asked them to check my figures, and the machine went off,’ he laughingly described the minute he discovered the value of his ticket.

‘I froze, checked around and everyone was studying me. Yes, I was stunned.’

The moment was unreal, but Eades did not experience any difficulty in deciding how to spend his winnings.

‘The minute I received it, I said, ‘I will settle my mortgage, and I will do this.’

On 2 June, the winning numbers drawn were 23, 25, 37, 44 and 64; 7 was the Powerball number.

Cabinet Maker from Tennessee wins $2 Million.

June 19, 2018

Two times was lovely for a lucky man from Shelbyville who made a significant win the second time after playing Powerball. The cabinet maker, Mathew Reed won a whopping $2million on Saturday 16 June 2018 when he played the favorite game.

‘This is only the second time am playing and I just purchased two tickets,’ remarked Mathew who visited the Nashville headquarters of Tennessee Lottery office on Monday with his grandparents to pick the prize. Because he included the option for the Powerball Power Play for one additional dollar, Mathew doubled the $1 million base prize that he won when he matched five out of the five white ball figures drawn.

Mathew states he intends to save, invest and continue working. He bought the lucky ticket in Shelbyville at Serve & Go 764 Madison Street.

A man from Boise wins $2,000,300 after he played similar figures for 18 years.

12 June 2018

After he played the same numbers frequently for the previous 18 years, Michael Tran’s determination bore fruits when he claimed a Powerball prize this afternoon of $2,000,300 from the last draw on Saturday night from Idaho Lottery.

‘I used my phone to scan the ticket last night, and it indicated that I needed to get in touch with the Lottery office,’ said Tran, explaining how he found out that he had the major winning ticket. ‘After this, I checked the digits for Saturday night, and they seemed extremely familiar!’

After playing similar figures for eighteen years, coming across the same digits as the ones drawn for the draw on Saturday night was very unusual.  The winning ticket which Tran bought was from the Winco Foods shop situated in Boise on Fairview Avenue. Because Winco Foods sold the winning ticket, they will obtain a bonus of $25,000 from the Idaho Lottery. Tran purposes to settle his mortgage and save the remainder of his winnings.

‘Powerball 26’ celebrates a win of $50,000

8 June 2018

A group of buddies that meets many times for coffee and Maryland Lottery tickets continues to celebrate the 3rd tier Powerball prize of $50,000 they won the previous month.  Most Maryland ‘Powerball 26’ members have jointly played Mega Millions and Powerball for ten years.

According to Earl Marsh Jr. the CEO of the Harford County group, he usually buys their tickets for Powerball quick-pick from a Lottery trader apart from their latest lucky shop in Joppa, Md. Royal Farms #70.

‘I considered the fact that a while back the Royal Farms shop had sold a couple of winning tickets for  Cash4Life,’ the retiree informed Lottery officials. ‘That day I resolved to buy out tickets there and am happy I did.’

When Earl went to a Lottery retailer and checked the May 2 drawing tickets, ‘he saw many zeros!’ Also, he decided to examine the ticket on his phone using the Lottery app.

‘At that moment I discovered we missed the major one by a single digit,’ he stated while picking the prize at Lottery headquarters with two group members Joe Moore Jr. and Gary Sullivan.

Missouri Couple wins $50,000 due to High Jackpot.

7 June 2018

According to Matthew Britton, he had never played Powerball until October last year when changes occurred in Mega Millions. Today he plays the two, and it is determined by which jackpot is more. Because on 17 May the jackpot for Powerball went up to $280 million, he used Quick Pick to buy a Powerball ticket making him win $50,000.

‘On Sunday morning I came across it on the fridge, and I decided to examine it,’ said the resident of Lee’s Summit. He utilized Missouri Lottery’s Official App to examine his winning ticket. He exclaimed, ‘Oh God, I believe we almost won Powerball.’

Casey, Britton’s wife, said, ‘I was cutting an onion to prepare lasagna, and I was shocked,’ she said laughing. ‘I thought perhaps he won $1,000.’ He showed me his phone, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

‘The win enabled us to open a savings account and buy new windows for our house,’ said Britton. He said they would engage in fun activities also. Britton bought his winning ticket at Langsford Road, Lee’s Summit, Hy-Vee Gas, 920 N.E.

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