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Takarakuji Japan Loto 6 – An Asian Treasure Chest to Explore

Takarakuji Japan Loto 6

Have you ever come across the word Takarakuji? This word stands for treasure or fortune lottery and is used to refer to the official organization in Japan that’s responsible for organizing such games in the country. The entity allows you to put your fortune to the test in a number of ways. One of the most prominent games that’s run by the Japanese lottery is called Loto 6 and it is quite well-recognized because it offers players a number of ways to walk away with some spectacular prizes. Thus, there is no denying that the Loto 6 is a very popular game in the country. As a matter of fact, it is one of the two popular options available in Japan, the other one known as the Loto 7.

Even though Loto 7 does come with bigger prizes, it is not as appealing as the Loto 6 because its odds of winnings are very tough. The game of Loto 6 was first established in the country in the autumn of 2000. Since its launch, the minimum guaranteed jackpot in the lottery has been set at 100 million yen. Due to this impressive sum, the popularity of the Loto 6 grew rather rapidly and it even managed to expand the fame of the lottery beyond the borders of the country itself.

The good thing about the Japan Loto 6 is that you don’t have to worry about it being a scam as there is no such case. The history of the lottery in the country can be traced as far back as the 17th century and the lottery got a massive revival once World War II came to an end. This was the time when the foundations of the modern lottery were finally laid down. The games that are offered today became available to the people from October, 1945.

As a matter of fact, Takarakuji lottery games gained a huge following all over the country because not only did they offer cash prizes to the people, but also gave them an opportunity of winning great prizes such as horses, bicycles, high quality cotton cloth, pocket watches, dairy cattle, saccharin and even houses. In the late 1960s, the prizes paid out to the players also included automobiles and luxury travel options. This was extremely exciting for the players and word spread out very rapidly about the lottery game and reached every corner of the country.

As Takarakuji is a state lottery organization, all of its activities are regulated by some very strict laws. There are rules and regulations in place about what to do with the funds that are contributed to the prize pool as well as the sum that should be distributed for providing funds for numerous other causes. Due to these strict laws and regulations, it is safe to say that Loto 6 is a fully legitimate game and it doesn’t pose any risk to international or local players.

Today, the Japanese government has commissioned the Mizuho Bank to collaborate with Takarakuji and deal with the financial operations of the lottery games in the country. Apart from that, six regional organizations have also been given the responsibility of selling the tickets of the Takarakuji lottery in order to ensure the entire process remains fair. Since the Loto 6 was established on October 5, 2000, the game has been providing a variety of exciting prizes to the players, as discussed above.

The starting jackpot for Japan Loto 6 is approximately $1.2 million. In the event that there is no jackpot winner in a particular draw, it is rolled over to the next one and continues to grow until the winning numbers are correctly picked by a player. This is the very first Japanese lottery game that boasts the rollover feature for its jackpot prize offering. The drawings for the Loto 6 are conducted twice on a weekly basis- every Monday and Thursday. As far as participation in the game is concerned, it is rather inexpensive because a single ticket in the draw will cost players around 200 yens. Another good thing about the Loto 6 game is that it is completely straightforward and you will definitely not get lost in the rules and regulations.

Just like the other lottery games out there, players have to buy a ticket in order to participate in the Loto 6. All the details in the tickets should be cross checked for ensuring that everything is correct and eligible. This is due to the fact that any mistake or error on your ticket can lead to your disqualification from the contest. As a player, every single entry in the Loto 6 gives you the chance of choosing six numbers from a pool of 1 to 43. The sale of the tickets are kept open until 6:30 p.m. on the days of the draw i.e. Monday and Thursday.

In the case that a player is able to match all the six numbers, then you will be able to take home the huge jackpot of the Loto 6. It is up to you to select the numbers manually or you can also go with the Quick Pick option. There are times when players are unsure of what numbers they should pick and this is when Quick Pick becomes their best choice because this is when the computer program selects the numbers on their behalf. However, it is also worth noting that there is no method of picking numbers that can absolutely guarantee you a win.

It is vital to remember that lottery is a game of chance and there is no formula that can guarantee you a winning with certainty. It is simply luck that can turn in your favor and enable you to win the jackpot. The good thing about the Loto 6 game is that other than the jackpot drawing, a bonus number is also selected later on. This bonus number is chosen because it has an impact on some of the lower prize tiers that are part of the game.

Other than the top jackpot prize tier, the Loto 6 comes with 4 additional ways through which a prize can be taken home by the participants of the game. As mentioned above, if there is no jackpot winner in a week, the prize will continue to rollover, but it does come with a maximum amount. This jackpot cap is around 400 million yen and when this is reached, the prize will have to be paid out. As compared to other Japanese lottery games such as the Japan Jumbo Draw in which players from all over the world can participate, Japan Loto 6 is available in the domestic market only.

This means Japan Loto 6 is only available to people who are living in the country as the tickets have to be purchased from one of the authorized Japanese lottery retails all across the country or through their online platform. However, lottery agents and their services offers people a way around these restrictions as they have offices in different countries and can buy tickets on behalf of international players in order to allow them to participate in games such as Japan Loto 6. They even claim prizes on their behalf, which can simplify matters a great deal and give people the opportunity of playing this beautiful Asian game.

There is only one requirement of participating the Japan Loto 6 game and that is for players to be at least 18 years old in order to play the game. The prize categories that are available to players in the Loto 6 are highlighted below:

  • The first prize category that the game has to offer is none other than the jackpot and six numbers have to be matched to take it home. The probability of any player taking home this big prize is 1 in 6,096,454.
  • The second prize category is reserved for players who are able to match five out of the six numbers that are drawn in the Loto 6 as well as the bonus number. The chances of a player taking home this second prize in the game are 1 in 1,016,076. If you are lucky enough to match the five numbers and also the bonus number, you will be able to take home a substantial prize of 1,500 million yen.
  • The third prize category is for players who are able to match five of the six numbers in the Loto 6 draw and the odds of winning this particular prize are 1 in 28,224. The prize that you can win in this category is 50 million yen.
  • When it comes to the fourth prize category in the Japan Loto 6, it is given out to players who are able to match four of the draw numbers. The probability of taking home this prize is 1 in 610 and if you are successful, you will be able to take home 9,500 yen.
  • The last prize category is taken home by all players who are able to match three out of the total six numbers. The probability of winning this prize category is 1 in 39 and the prize that is paid out to the players is 1,000 yen.

An excellent feature of all prizes that can be won in the Japan Loto 6 is that they are paid out in the form of a cash lump sum and this also includes the jackpot. After you have confirmed that your numbers have won in any one of the prize categories, the first thing you need to do is secure your ticket. In the case of a physical ticket, you need to sign the back to ensure it remains yours and cannot be used by anyone else for claiming the prize instead. This is primarily because the ticket is a bearer document and the prize is paid to whoever possesses it.

If the amount you have won in the Japan Loto 6 is less than 50,000 yen, you can visit any of the Japanese lottery retailers for claiming your prize and they will pay them. However, in the case when your winnings are greater than 50,000 yen, you will have to go to any of the banks commissioned by the government to claim your prize. In the case that you have bought your ticket online instead of buying a physical ticket, you don’t need to worry about the claiming of your prizes because it will be attended to by the betting company.

Players have the time of 12 months from the date of the draw to claim their prize, which gives them plenty of time to make plans about what they want to do with their winnings so they don’t blow all of them away. If you fail to claim your prize during this time, your ticket of the Loto 6 draw will be rendered invalid, which means you will no longer be able to get your winnings. One of the best things about participating in Japan Loto 6 is that all the winnings you get in the game are completely tax free as the Japanese government doesn’t impose any tax on lottery winnings. This is definitely a huge advantage for local players, but international players will have to check the regulations in their own country to see if they will have to deal with any taxes on their prize.

When the prize is being claimed, players need to have their winning ticket and identification documents to show as proof. It should also be remembered that while small prizes are paid out on the same day of the claim, but the same cannot be said for large prizes. Prizes that are in excess of one million yen have a standard processing time of about one week. A huge percentage of the profits that are made from the Japan Loto 6 are used for catering to different public work projects in the country whereas some of them are also paid out to the charities so your participation is doing good for everyone.

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