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How to Choose Your Lottery Numbers

It is a fact that the lottery is a game of chance and luck. You don’t win the lottery based on your skill, educational background or any such factor. You win the lottery on your choice of numbers. Numbers are all that can make a difference in the lottery world. If three or more of your chosen numbers are drawn in the lottery, you are going to get a prize. Those who are very lucky end up getting all six numbers right and win hundreds of millions of dollars. But, how do they do that? Is there a secret they know and you don’t? Some winners pick random numbers and get lucky, but there are others who chose their numbers very carefully and won the entire jackpot.

Obviously, everyone wants to know how to choose the right number, whether you are playing online on websites like ours or going the traditional way. There are several ways you can do this if you are serious about winning the lottery. You can experiment with some of the methods outlined below and who knows? You just might win it:

Opt for frequently picked numbers

The first thing you need to do is check the frequency chart for the previous lottery draws. Once a lottery is finished, these charts are usually published to show how each number was drawn during a specific time frame. For instance, the chart will show how frequently the number 1 was selected in the Swiss Lotto between 2005 and 2015. It would be better if you can find all-time frequencies because they are more comprehensive and you can base your number selection on a larger time frame. You should look for numbers that come up frequently as well as those that are less frequent.

There is a good chance that winning numbers that show up frequently will remain winners in the future too and you just have to wait for it to happen. But, you can also go for a combo of the frequent and less frequent if you want. Note down the odds of every number. Even in the list of most frequent numbers, there will be some that stand out because they are picked significantly more often than the others, but you can also go with the less frequent ones because everyone else will be following the former tactic too.

During this entire process, it is vital to remember that every number has an equal chance of being drawn and while frequency charts might show the numbers that tend to be drawn, it is not certain. It is just luck of the draw.

Going with lucky numbers

This is a class method of choosing your lottery numbers and it is classic for a reason; it can and did work for a lot of lottery winners. It basically means that you can opt for numbers that have some significance for you. These are digits that center on dates that are important to you. You can take different numbers like birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, age and even numbers and combine them to come up with six numbers you can use in the lottery. If you don’t want to use significant numbers, you can also opt for ones that are lucky for you.

There are hundreds of people out there who have a lucky number they use when they do something important. However, remember that if your lucky number is 7, 11 or 13, you may have to share your prize with other people if you win because these numbers are widely used by others as well. It is also recommended that you should select a lucky number and then stick to it. Some lottery winners chose a number sequences and continued playing it until they won. You can follow the same tactic instead of choosing different sequences every time. This could be called making your own luck, especially if the sequence is a combination of your lucky or significant numbers.

Choosing a random number

Another option for you is to go to the store for buying a ticket or visit a website like and enter whatever number that seem good to you at that time. If you do end up winning the lottery, it really will be based on luck because you hadn’t put any thought into your decision. Majority of the people who have won the lottery and even big jackpots have said that their choice of numbers was completely random and they went with the digits that first came to mind. If you have been trying other methods and haven’t seen results, you can go down the random way and see if it works for you.

Use a number generator

If you visit a lottery website such as ours, you will find we offer you a number generator. As the name indicates, this is a program designed for generating numbers. Since online lotteries became a popular phenomenon, software was introduced for helping people in choosing the most probable numbers for the lottery. All you have to do is visit the website, open the number generator, click on the button and then wait for a couple of seconds. The generator will provide you with a number sequence that you can use for entering the lottery. An algorithm is used by this software for predicting the numbers that might be chosen in the draw and it just might work for you.

These are some of the methods that you can use for choosing your lottery number sequence. It is completely up to you and you can go with the one you are most comfortable with. If you are buying several tickets or participating in different lottery games on our website, you can use a different method for choosing a number sequence for every game. You may not win the entire jackpot, but you may still be able to win something. However, you should ensure you are not using numbers that were chosen in the last draw because it is highly unlikely they will be chosen. Do your research and then make a decision.

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